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GENIUS Internship Opportunity

If you are a post-graduate student studying a GNSS related topic, the GENIUS Internship Programme for summer 2014 will help you develop your workplace experience, knowledge, skills and confidence. You will have the chance to make a real contribution, and work on live projects and activities within an organisation active in the field of GNSS.

Details of the Programme

  • Interns will be paid a fixed stipend of €2,500 for a 10 week internship (6 projects, selected by the Satellite Navigation Universities Network (SUN) Board, will be funded at 100% through the GENIUS project)
  • There will be no additional cover for travel and expenses paid through GENIUS
  • The summer Internships will be available between June and September 2014
  • The employer may provide top-up funds to the intern if they wish
  • The scheme is open to MSc and PhD students according to eligibility
  • Students will select which projects they are interested in pursuing
  • Details of the interested students will be posted to the employers selected by the SUN Board
  • A first come, first served policy will be applied as to which student is placed with which employer
  • It is envisaged that any discussions/interviews with students will take place via SKYPE
  • The employer will provide on the job training in the form of a hands on project that the intern will complete
  • It will be the responsibility of the employer to provide all training and equipment for the intern to complete the project
  • The intern will be required to have at least three SKYPE calls (lasting about one hour) over the duration of the internship with their designated university contact officer
  • The intern will be required to submit a five-page report on the project work completed on their project
  • A call for employers will be launched from February 24th until March 31st 2014
  • A call for interns will be launched from March 1st until April 30th 2014
  • The GENIUS Internship Programme is being trialled as a measure to improve the employability of students in the GNSS sector.

The benefits of being an intern

  • Gain relevant experience in a real-world environment
  • Develop transferable skills in preparation for a future career
  • The opportunity to participate in real working projects that will develop expertise and enhance your CV
  • Gain a work-based reference to complement academic references
  • The perfect chance to 'test the water' in the GNSS industry
  • Payment of a fixed stipend of €2,500
  • A challenge that will test potential and increase self-confidence
  • An invaluable opportunity to shape your future
  • The GENIUS Internship programme will enable you to gain experience in the world of GNSS with the objective of deepening your knowledge and understanding of GNSS activities.

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