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PhD Position in France

Smartphone based pedestrian navigation using smart navigation maps. (3 Years)

The objective of this research is to improve pedestrian navigation of persons suffering from permanent or temporary walking disorder, thanks to mobile application and services working indoors, outdoors, in public and private spaces that are not necessarily equipped with RF tags or network. Manifold scientific and technological challenges are targeted. The solution must be independent from pre-installed networks, working outside seamless and continuous. Low cost sensors must be calibrated and filtered according to the user dynamic. Meter accuracy everywhere is targeted. Etc.

An original aspect of this research is to limit the scientific and technological context to an autonomous solution that doesn’t rely on local radio signals (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc) networks. This will be achieved using specific wearable sensors (GNSS receiver, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers) and geographical data related to pedestrian mobility. Indeed, the surroundings of pedestrian displacements are modelled with digital maps that are regularly enriched with crowd-sourced contextual data. Street furniture information or topological data describing obstacles to personal motion are more and more embedded in geographical information systems. These databases enable also to compute navigation routes that are tuned to the locomotion profile of a dedicated individual.

The thesis intends to develop novel methods for integrating the knowledge of pre-processed itineraries to improve the accuracy of positioning systems and finally guidance solutions. Inspired by existing map-matching techniques developed for car navigation, it is proposed to investigate the integration of novel personal features that are specific to urban mobility of people, i.e. the liberty of motion without clearly identified road network, a more chaotic dynamic as compared to motorized vehicles and the possibilities to interact with the user. Finally, another important aspect this research is to propose a continuous positioning and navigation service, which involves seamless positioning irrespective of the visited environment.

Keywords: Pedestrian navigation, GIS, map-matching, particles filter, inertial sensors

Funding: 3 Years PhD Working Contract

Competences: Signal Processing, Geomatic Engineering, GIS

Application: Send CV, transcript and referees' names to Dr. David Bétaille ( and Dr. Valérie Renaudin (

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